Margaret Manzano Interview: The Art of elegant Abstraction



Margaret Manzano, the elegance of abstraction .

―Mercedes E. Rojas Páez-Pumar

Barcelona is a city that breaths art in every structure that composes its urbanism. This flamboyant place holds an art studio where colors explode over canvas. In addition, hands, curious and expeditionary hands, embrace a creation process

Margaret Manzano dedicated her college years to develop the left side of her brain. That side that shelters logic and analytic thoughts. Politics, administration, management and even tourism, seduced her.

Her closest contact with art was during those effervescent teenage years, when she took a sculpture and ceramic class on the Arts and Crafts School of Barcelona. The right side of her brain blossomed. That side guides her naked hands deepening on pasty color to bring abstraction to life. Figures that are born from a profound corner of that mysterious organ, where synapsis is a magical process. There is no wonder why this artist defines her work as “the art of elegant abstraction”.

Where art is born

“I decided to make this for a living. It was then when I got a studio in Barcelona”. She comments. The Mediterranean shore and it’s wavy movements inspire the composition. The ceiling is so high that ideas can fly and summit. This bit of space that Margaret claimed as her own is a witness of the genesis, of the origins, of the magic that is splattered in every canvas.

“Inspiration vibrates in the air, I will never leave this study”.

An artist and a fan

“Painting has been always a part of my life. Every time I visited a museum, I looked very closely, like I was trying to go inside the art piece. Like if, I was trying to find out what was the artist intention or his satisfaction face once the work was done. I’m honored and lucky to be that artist nowadays”


Onyriks is her latest art collection. It transmits elegance, beauty and serenity. The viewer is meant to experience sensations that will elevate the soul. “When I’m painting, I imagine my art piece finished and hanging on a large space with a nice view to the sea”.

Fabergé’s eggs, those elegant and golden objects were the inspiration for this collection. The artist honored the detailing, and the delicacy that made those famous eggs so fancy.

“I love to see how the golden tones embrace other colors”.

Everything is intertwined, combined, merged. Colors with personality that converge with other colors in sensual and curvy movements, to create something completely new. Crossroads that explode in front of the viewer’s eyes.

There is no paintbrush in Oniriks. Only hands that go through paths and are eventually joined by sticks and needles, to play with texture and dimensions. To go from macro to micro.

Little things, that makes a luxury world of difference.